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22 May 2011 @ 07:02 pm
Desk Calendar 2011 - April & May  
...*starring at the previous lj-entry... "

I did it again >_>... playing the dead guy here on livejournal >_>... I really hate that!!! Even if I'm going to apologize... it won't solve this matter -_-"....

anyway!!! Since April is already over and May almost as well I'm going to release them both!!! And I'm already working on the June-Wallpaper!!! I hope I won't disappoint you guys anymore!!! (Well I think there won't be anyone taking my wallpapers since this livejournal has been inactive for a while T_T...) I still believe there are people outside, waiting for my wallpapers and lame jokes xD!!!

...anyway!!! Let's go straight to the wallpapers of my Completely Personal Photo Desk Calendar 2011~ xD!!

(preview - Size 1280x1024) MF

...yay, this is a BoA-wallpaper!!! And she is also Ms. April of my desk calendar xD!!! When I dl the scans I was like "OMG I'm so going to make a BoA-wallpaper" cuz these scans are like the best I've ever seen!!! Really nice photo-shooting!!! I know the wallpaper is a little bit too colourful, but I was in the mood to make a 3D-wallpaper again xD!!!! (though black and white pictures are still the best for 3D-wallpapers *starring at my SE7EN-Wallpaper x3~ ♥!!!)

...okay! Let's head over to the next wallpaper!!!! Here is Ms. May xD!!!!

(preview - Size 1280x1024) MF

...this is HYUNA of 4minute xD!!!! She is my favorite member of 4minute ^__^)y!!! The pictures are from the "Mirror Mirror" MV!!! That's the reason this wallpapers looks so mirror like xD!!! (btw the pictures are taken by me xD!!! Yeah, I also know how to take pictures of music videos ^.~)y!!)

...these wallpapers are really beautiful, right ^^??? I think it's time to say "yuuto-kun photoshop-skill Lvl Up +2!!!" I think I'm lvl 45 now xD!!!! btw, the april-wallpaper was originally Jay Park, but I was soooooooo disappointed and frustrated around that time... the wallpaper didn't come up to my expectation... it isn't even good enough to get a "©Yuuto-kun"-mark >_>... this was the main reason for the delay!!! *and now you're wondering why the may-wallpaper was delayed... U-know, I'm just too busy and too lazy at the same time xD!!!! **is this even possible ö.Ö???

...hehe, I think I should stop joking around xD!!! *these jokes are really lame ^^"...

...but this as also the end of this lj-entry!!! I'm going to stop here now xD!!! cuz I'm tired and sleepy! (just lazy)

see ya in a week or something like that xD!!! *cuz it's almost time to release the june-wallpaper as well!!!

p.s.: lol I was always talking about a surprise... but the surprise never came right ^^"... just wait and see!!! Someday I'm going to show it to you guys xD!!!! *and I'm soooooooo sorry again for the delay!!!!!
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