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07 February 2011 @ 10:45 pm
Desk Calendar 2011 - February ~Seungri Version~ Part.1  
...I think I will stop apologizing about releasing my wallpapers too late! Cuz I'm always too late! *I probably won't be able to change this bad habit ever xD!!!

...well let's head over to the main part - the reason for this post ^ö^)y!!!!

Yeah, it's finally time to release the wallpaper for my Completely Personal Photo Desk Calendar 2011~

(preview - Size 1280x1024) MF

...I know Seungri shouldn't get the red colour, cuz he isn't the leader... but he is currently doing solo activities and is really popular right now ^^!!!! Even without his band mates he is still showing of the BIG BANG quality xD!!!! *you will never get tired of BIG BANG songs xD!!!!!

...but actually my favorite colour is red xD!!!! And the wallpaper of february should be definitely red, cuz february is my month xD!!!!!!

anyway! I'm glad I could keep the promise about the desk calendar xD!!!! (releasing a wallpaper every month) this is some big change in my life, cuz you've probably notice my laziness ^^"... being lazy is really easy xD!!!! *can someone punch me, or else I'm going to praise my laziness until it looks like it's good to be lazy ^ö^)b!!!

...well I'm too lazy to praise my laziness xD!!!!!! *lol I'm sorry about this lame joke!!! Please don't look at me like that xD!!!!

anyway!! The next lj-entry will be either about my birthday or the second part of the Desk Calendar 2011 - February ~Seungri Version ~

ps.: I have some big surprises about the Desk Calendar xD!!!! I hope you will like it ^.^)y!!!
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Current Music: "WHITE LOVE" by Seungri (BIG BANG)
Beckykumabecky on February 20th, 2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
where's that birthday post yuuto???? :O

*whispers* lazy


that desk calendar project is taking up your life lol who's march???? :O :O
Yuuto-kun: sweet Yunhoyuuto_kun on February 23rd, 2011 11:02 pm (UTC)
lol I'm even too lazy to do a lj-post xD!!!!

Isn't there anyone who can help me to get ride of my laziness xD??

...mhhh, I was going to make Taecyeon as Mr. march... but I would like to make a Jay Park wallpaper as well ö.ö... so I'm still deciding who is going to be march xD!!!

*btw this weekend will be the photoshop-weekend xD!!! I don't want to delay the next release of my calendar-wallpaper xD!!!