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13 March 2011 @ 01:05 am
Desk Calendar 2011 - March ~Siwon Version~ Part.1  
...*starring at the previous lj-entry... "I think I will stop apologizing about releasing my wallpapers too late! Cuz I'm always too late! *I probably won't be able to change this bad habit ever xD!!!" *2011-02-07 Yuuto-kun

...I don't really have to say anything, right ^^"... It's really late this time... releasing the calendar-wallpaper this late... isn't there any way to get over this laziness of mine ó_ò?! I'm really hopeless, right? I can't get over this bad habit >_>...

...and here is the wallpaper for my Completely Personal Photo Desk Calendar 2011~ (this is just too hilarious xD!!! Can't get tired of this lame title xD!!!)

(preview - Size 1280x1024) MF

...so what do you think about Mr. March ö.ö??? Were you guys expecting someone from Super Junior ^^??? I guess not xD!!! I've never talked about super junior before, but I'm actually a fan of them ^ö^)y!!! Siwon is my favorite suju-member x3~ ♥!!!! But you know what? Eunhyuk is one as well xD!!! So I was making two wallpapers at the same time!

...in the end Siwon became Mr. March and now I have an extra Wallpaper to share xD!!! So I hope this other wallpaper will make up the lost time ó.ò... I'm really sorry for the delay!!!! (just saying, but "I'm trying to release the next wallpaper on time xD!!!!") ~please, don't believe this nonsense >_>...

anyway!!! Here is the extra Wallpaper xD!!!

(preview - Size 1280x1024) MF

...you can see the new style I'm using ^^!!! Those metallic-looking rings around the pictures of Siwon and Eunhyuk ^^!!! I was trying something new xD!!!! But don't expect them in the next wallpaper!!! It's just too annoying and tiring to make those rings!!!! Believe me, you don't even want to ask how to make the >_>....

...btw, would you make the same choice ö.ö??? Picking Siwon as your Mr. March ö.ö??? Or do you prefer Eunhyuk as your Mr. March ^^??? It was a hard choice for me, but in the end Mr. Handsome took over the title of Mr. March xD!!! (and it took me four days to create the wallpaper of Siwon ^^"... Eunhyuks wallpaper was already finished in two days xD!!! Would you guys even spent this much time on a wallpaper ö.Ö??? I don't think so >3>...)

...well about the surprising stuff I was going to show you in the second part of the previous lj-entry, that doesn't even exist yet! I'm trying to make the lj-post as soon as possible! But right now I'm not really in the mood to do anything xD!!!! *I'm currently in a super lazy mood ( ̄ー ̄)ノ ~~~ don't even ask for the reason! It will give you a headache >_>...

ps.: I've already decided to make Jay Park as Mr. April!!! Want to know why ^^? Just check up his birth date and you will know the reason xD!!! And he is probably going to make his comeback in April ^ö^)y!!!! Can't wait for his comeback x3~ ♥!!!!!
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