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...lol, aren't you guys curious about the results of my new calendar ^^???? I'm sorry again, for the unnecessary delay -_-"..... but everything went smoothly xD!!!
It's finally finished x3!!!Collapse )
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05 January 2011 @ 02:57 am
.........sorry!!!!! I'm a little bit too late to post this ^^"....

I'm going to show you the results of my new project called "Your completely personal Photo Desk Calendar 2011" xD!!! (this is just too funny xD!!! Can't get enough of it ^^"...)

are ya ready? Let's start the new project of Yuuto-kun's personal desk calendar 2011 xD!!!Collapse )
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"Hallo" everybody xD!!!!!!

Yeah it's me again ^^!!!! (lol I really kept the promise to post something ^^"...)

...well let's go straight to the point ^^!!! I want to talk a little bit about my crazy weird world ^.^)y!!!
don't read this stuff if you're busy, just read it if you're bored or something like that!!! Cuz you will regret it if you still read this kind of junk... ~You've been warned!~Collapse )
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26 December 2010 @ 04:43 am

Hey everybody xD!!!!!

It's Christmastime... though it's almost over already >_>.... anyway! Merry Christmas ^ö^)y!!!!

There is a little present for you guys!!! Follow me xD!!!Collapse )
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21 October 2010 @ 12:55 am
lol! I'm BaCK again xD!!!!

But first I want to make this lj-entry really short ^^"...  It's not like I'm busy again (since I'm currently in my precious vacations ^.^!!)... it's just I want to share this Wallpaper so badly xD!!! It's something I've never done before ^ö^)y!!! I used my new photoshop-skill on this Wallpaper and it turned out pretty good xD!!! It's time to were your 3D-Glasses xD!!!!!

Put Your 3D-Glasses On!!! Welcome to Se7en's Digital World xD!!!Collapse )
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19 October 2010 @ 04:35 pm
...okay! I'm probably just a big gasbag (tehee, I've never ever used this word before ^^"... but I think people these days don't use it -_-"... well it was the only word I could find in my dictionary...anyways! Back to the the main-subject!!) cuz I've been promising wallpapers all the time, but look at the latest lj-entry! That was around august!!! And I was promising a Se7en-Wallpaper! Back then around July I was talking about 3-NEWS-Wallpapers! Did U ever see them here ö.Ö??? I guess not >_>...

...so I'm really sorry (。_。)...
follow this lj-cut to see the NEWS-ATTACK xD!! U won't regret it ^ö^)y!!!Collapse )
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