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Welcome to my little Profile ^.^)y !!

My name is Yuuto-kun (not my real name, but it's my internet name x3!!)
thx to my big boredom + kumabecky I started to create my own Livejournal (^__^") !! Here are a few infos!!

Name: Sakurai, Yuuto (桜井 悠斗)
Birthday: 1990-Feb-09
Hair color: black
Eye color: green-brown
Ethnicity: asian
Eastern Zodiac: horse
Western Zodiac: aquarius

...I have a lot addictions!!! And I'm weird in many ways! But don't think I'm crazy or something like that ^^"!!! I'm a really nice person, who tends to be sometimes really baka xD!!!! Anyway!!! Here are some of my addictions x3!!!

- JAPAN&KOREA!!!!!!!!!
- BIG BANG (especially T.O.P x3 ♥!!)
- NEWS (especially Shige x3 ♥!!)
- J-Music/K-Music
- J-Dramas/K-Dramas
- Animes & Mangas
- collecting pictures of my favorite celebrities (mostly music-artists)
- sweets (just tell me one person who dislikes sweets!!)

...and here is my NEW addiction!!!

- SE7EN (his music&fashion is awesome!! He took over the #1 spot ^^", I'm sorry BIG BANG...)

If you're interested in me, then go ahead and friend me!!! I'm not a bad person! Just a little bit too Japan&Korean-Addicted ^^"...That's all XP!!!

I will be waiting for your friend-requests d(o≧ω≦o)b!!

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